FRIDAY June 25th Short/Feature BLOCK 1 /7:30pm

Viscera – 10min

Its Time For Tea – 10min

Sure Fire 15 min

Trouble Is My Business – 90 min

Saturday June 26th, Morning Feature- Block 2/12:00pm

Eternal 90 min

Saturday June 26th/Afternoon Short Block 3/ 2:00pm

Shyft 6min

Sundown 13min

Leave it all behind 16min

Wink 9min

Daybreak – 19min

The House on Cox Curve- 16min

Saturday June 26th Late Afternoon Block 3.5/4pm
Broken Souls- 90 min

Saturday June 26th/Evening Short Block 4/ 6pm

Pew pew pew 13min

Physical Thoughts 3min

Glowing Stone 20min

Lost Treasure Of The Valley 26min

Saturday June 26th,/Evening Feature Block 5 /8pm

Bobby Mortal – 90min

Sunday June 27th/ Noon Short Block 6/ 12pm

Brass Ring 24min

Daddydelphia 30min

The Island 13min

Moonlight Motel 10min

Sunday Afternoon Short Block 7 / 3pm

Motherhood 10min

Nice Guy 10min

Reck 13 min

Stepson 22 min

Blood on the Risers 19 min

Sunday June 27th/ Feature Block 8/ 5pm

Staring At The Sea – 90min

Sunday June 27th 7pm

Award Ceremony- Chapel of the Good Shepherd

After Party – Grannie Annies 9pm

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