About Roosevelt Island Film Festival

RIFF is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent American and international filmmakers. The festival seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film, and introduce audiences to new exceptional works, highlighting Female Directors, Emerging NYC Filmmakers, Comedy, and Foreign Language Film.

Plan your trip

The festival will be taking place in the center of Roosevelt Island at


548 Main St. Roosevelt Island, NY 10044
By Subway or Tramway. Take the little Red Bus to the third stop and follow the signs!

Detailed Directions:

From south of Good Shepherd Church (F Train and RI Tramway):
Walk north on the east side of Main Street (Queens side). After passing the entrance to 540 Main Street, turn right into the large breezeway between 540 and 546 Main Street. Walk toward the water on the Queens side of Roosevelt Island and look for a red set of stairs immediately on your left with a mailbox at the top labeled “548”. Walk down the stairs and enter the door on your right. Follow the hallway to our lobby.   

From north of Good Shepherd Church
(36th Avenue Bridge from Queens):

Walk south on the east side of Main Street (Queens side). After passing the entrance to 546 Main Street (where the senior center is located) turn left into the large breezeway between 546 and 540 Main Street. Follow the same directions as above.

For elevator access:
Walk north on the east side of Main Street past Public Safety to the next small opening between buildings after 552 Main Street, Urban American offices. Turn right into the passageway and turn right again immediately behind Urban American offices and Public Safety. Walk to the end of the path and look for the double doors on your right. Use the call box for Public Safety to open the door for elevator access. Take the elevator down one floor and exit right. Enter the door on your right. Follow the hallway to the lobby.



Toni Vitale


Actor, Director, Producer, Toni is a master Meisner-trained actor. Aside from working as an actor in film and television, she was introduced and inspired to independent filmmaking and began creating her own work. Director/Producer – Owner of Toni Vitale Productions attending many festivals and admiring others visions through cinema. It inspired her to create her own films acting/directing/producing. Films are currently in festivals, and soon her pilot “Adult-ish”…and new short film. She also has experience in editing, casting, hair make up and wardrobe and is a director/coach of an ongoing acting class. Her love for filmmaking prompted her to create a film festival. While attending an event in the Hamptons, Roosevelt Island was a suggested area and the universe led her to start up the festival. She united with partner, Daniel Jordano, a Director/Producer and local RI resident since childhood. They are thrilled to launch this first year.

Daniel Jordano


Cuban-American actor/filmmaker Daniel Jordano is a longtime resident of Roosevelt Island. He started his career acting in the RI Youth Program’s first production of West Side Story, followed by Grease, with fellow resident Vincent Spano. He and Vincent were also lucky enough to witness the filming of some of the early films shot on RI, like Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone. Having cast co-founder Toni Vitale in his first directorial effort, FROG DREAMS, Daniel was thrilled to become a co-founder with her and help establish a legacy for those in the arts community who grew up, or spent significant time on the Island. He is also excited to be a support to the independent film community and help give a platform to new filmmakers.  Most recently, Daniel is on the festival circuit himself, having written and directed, BROOKLYN VANS, a comedy pilot.

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