Selections 2022



Best in Fest – Feature

“Marijuana Minutes”

Director – Ryan D. Moore

Marijuana Minutes poster


Best in Fest – Short

“La Tristeza del Mimo”

The Sadness of the Mime

Director – Ángel Puado

La Tristeza del Mimo

Best Director – Feature

Olivier Simon

“North of the Night”

North of the Night poster

Best Director – Short

Ángel Puado

“La Tristeza del Mimo”

The Sadness of the Mime

La Tristeza del Mimo

Best Actress – Feature

Rebecca DeMarco

“Marijuana Minutes”

Marijuana Minutes poster

Best Actress – Short

Janelle Tedesco

“I’m Not Nice”

I'm Not Nice poster

Best Actor – Feature

Richard Hollman

“Songs for a Sloth”

Songs for a Sloth Poster

 Best Actor – Short

Clemens Schick

“Geography of the Heart”

Geography of the Heart poster

Best Female Filmmaker – 


Kirsty Bell

“A Bird Flew In”

A Bird Flew In poster

Best Female Filmmaker –


Olive Nwosu



Egungun poster

Best International Film – 


“A Bird Flew In”

Director – Kirsty Bell

A Bird Flew In poster

Best International Film – 


“Bienvenue chez Candy”

Welcome to Candy’s

Dir. – Sabine Crossen

Bienvenue Chez Candy poster

Best Comedy – Feature

“Marijuana Minutes”

Director – Ryan D. Moore

Marijuana Minutes poster

Best Comedy – Short

“I’m Not Nice”

Director – Tom A. Capps


Shannon Morrall

I'm Not Nice poster

Best Drama – Feature

“North of the Night”

Director – Olivier Simon

North of the Night poster

Best Drama – Short

“Geography of the Heart”

Dir. – Alexandra Billington

Geography of the Heart poster

Vincent Spano Award

Best NYC Filmmaker –


“First Date”

Z. W. Amundson

First Date poster


Thursday 7:30 pm

“LOVE” – 4 min.

Dir. Andrea Ashton

In this narrative art film bringing a modern poem to life, a series of touching vignettes show two women falling in and out of love — but not in any traditional way you’ve seen before. Their story is told in reverse chronology and was physically performed in reverse, as well, although then flipped “forward” in the edit so their movement feels slightly “off,” kind of like how love can make you feel.



FIRST DATE – 11 min.

Dir. Z. W. Amundson

It is love at first sight when Rob meets Lee online, that is, until Lee stands Rob up on their first in-person date. With everything in question, Rob must then decide if he will let it go or confront Lee and fight for the relationship he has longed for.



The Sadness of the Mime

Dir. Ángel Puado

Every one of us have our history. For his history, the mime cannot be happy.



A BIRD FLEW IN – 1 hr 31 min.

Dir. Kirsty Bell

When lockdown is imposed, the cast and crew of a film are taken from the set and sent home – alone. Actors without an audience. Directors without a script. Couples who fall apart. While others come together.

Friday 8:30 pm


BROTHERS – 2 min.

Dir. Louis Roba

Two monkeys engage in a playful struggle across the heart of the jungle, until an unexpected event shows the strength of their brotherly bond.


A LONE STAR LOVE – 24 min.

Dir. Ben Myers

David, an Irish National, makes his new home in Austin, Texas with the help of a social media android named Viva. When he meets Texas Native, Layla, he must choose between his synthetic companion and a lone star love.

NOW YOU SEE US – 11 min.

Dir. Romina Schwedler

Two actresses “of a certain age” compete fiercely for a role in a TV commercial, but as their audition approaches, the lifelong rivals begin to discover that they face a much larger threat: A society that finds them invisible!


SONGS FOR A SLOTH – 1 hr 25 min.

Dir. Bradley Hasse

On the edge of a nervous breakdown, Maxwell is shocked to find out from his family lawyer that he’s inherited a sloth sanctuary from his father. When a talking sloth then visits his dreams, Maxwell becomes obsessed with saving the animal’s habitat in his waking life by returning to his first passion, music. In order to complete the task though, he must enlist the help of his lazy brother and self-involved sister.

Songs for a Sloth Poster

Saturday 10:00 am

NORTH OF THE NIGHT – 1 hr 30 min.

Dir. Olivier Simon

Jack or Monsieur Jack, Aurore or Monica Vitti, Alice, Emile, the unknown woman of the river. It is men and women that a priori nothing brings closer. And yet …
Seized at a decisive moment in their lives, or their deaths, the characters of AU NORD DE LA NUIT (North of the night) are pushed to cross the other side of the river, in a Paris transformed into a merry-go-round. From one bridge to the other, between shadow and memory, the time of an urban wandering they will hunt, hide, dream vertically, the time of a night, the time of oblivion … 

Saturday 12:00 pm


LIONHEART – 20 min.

Dir. D.J. Hale

After being cut in the pre-season for suffering a catastrophic leg injury, undrafted undersized football player, Zac Mason, struggles with continuing to chase his dream or accept the reality that his playing days are over.


REMOVABLE – 17 min.

Dir. Shu-Ying Chung

An immigrant struggles with guilt after calling the police on her abusive husband, which results in his deportation.



Dir. Mike Hayhurst

A documentary crew questions Stacy about the spiritual, ethical, and culinary dilemmas that come with the growing trend in “ethical cannibalism”.


Dir. John McDermott

Things get awkward very quickly as a wealthy, eccentric couple has over a working class couple for a social visit.



Dir. Kali Bailey

Mala and Doug live parallel lives in high school. He is the next Michael Jordan and she could cure cancer. In college, however, they collide. Mala tutors Doug to stay on the team. He ignites her social life. An unlikely duo, their friendship raises eyebrows. Will they ever realize that they are perfect for each other?

Saturday 3:15 pm

INFINITY + 1 – 8 min.

Dir. Flo Demmer

Sam, a young boy, longs for his mother’s love and protection after his father died. She, on the other hand, struggles to be the mother she wants to be while dealing with her own pain. She knows she’ll break down once that moment of weakness overcomes her. So she cuts herself from her feelings while leaving her son with his own behind.


CASANOIR – 22 min.

Dir. JT Schindler

“Casanoir” is a parody of the 1942 classic movie, “Casablanca”. It features NYC detectives Trillo & Suede – a ventriloquist and his wooden partner.


THE SONG OF HER – 20 min.

Dir. Rodney Ferrer

A love story of a tortured pipe organist who tries to drown out the sounds of war while working for a secret society of ruthless women.


AARON WITH 2 A’S – 17 min.

Dir. Michael Goldburg

Aaron retires from his day job to pursue his lifelong dream to be an actor. When he finally manages to land a major role, he discovers he’s his own worst enemy as his long-repressed inner doubts threaten to derail his second career and the relationships that matter most to him.


I‘M NOT NICE – 17 min.

Dir. Shannon Morall, Tom A. Capps

When an anti-social superspy misses her target on a hit-gone-wrong, she must face her greatest fear in order to complete her mission: small talk.

Saturday 5:00 pm



Dir. Micah Spayer

In an age where humanity is a phone-call away, Marty, a forty something bachelor, longs for the kinship.


EGÚNGÚN – 14 min.


Dir. Olive Nwosu

Seeking healing, a woman must return to Lagos, the city of her birth.



Dir. Sarah Kennedy

Welcome to the 1984 Miss Blueberry Beauty Pageant! Where the girls are a feast for the eyes and as sweet as honey. Follow these three finalists as they navigate the twists and turns of a pageant that reveals a much more sinister secret.



Dir. Alexandra Billington

Ambitious actor’s agent Felix is at the top of his game in Germany and internationally repping his successful actress fiancée Rachel. Life could not be better – except Felix’s mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and his father, Hans, secretly struggles to cope. When Felix, in the midst of moving to Berlin from LA, meets real estate agent Anna when viewing an apartment – and he is utterly blindsided by the one feeling he never knew he wanted, one he is shocked to realize he would give up everything for – intimacy. But Anna needs more security than a feeling.




Saturday 7:30 pm



Welcome to Candy’s

Dir. Sabine Crossen

Like in a fairy tale, it only took one glance for Etienne to fall head over heels in love with Candy. When she invites him home for a drink, he discovers that this pretty influencer with a vivid imagination did not invite him just by chance. But is Etienne ready to play Candy’s strange little game?



MARIJUANA MINUTES – 1 hr 24 min.

Dir. Ryan D. Moore

An unambitious stoner finds her easy-going life turned upside down when she stumbles upon a vape pen that allows her to travel through time.

Sunday 11:30 am


VACÍO – 9 min.


Dir. Ángel Puado

Without you everything is empty.


SMASHED – 13 min.

Dir. Dawn Spinella

A home shopping network hostess has a total meltdown on live television when she learns that she’s been a sh*t mom to her 18 year-old daughter who’s about to head off to college. She chases the camera from set to set trying to make her bourbon ball quota, getting drunker and drunker along the way, ultimately discovering the value of family.


OH CRAPPY DAY – 1 hr 23 min.

Dir. Jon Lance Bacon

An aspiring young filmmaker hopes to find love through online dating — if he can just keep his OCD on the down low.

Sunday 3:15 pm



Dir. James Hughes

A time portal in the sands brings a young couple together.


FOR I AM DEAD – 18 min.

Dir. Patricia Delso Lucas

In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, extravagant life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and opium, confesses love to his gardener Jude before he dies of his excesses.


Dir. Aubrey Smyth

A lonely millennial addicted to support groups disguises herself in different personas while trying to fit in, leading her on a theatrical journey which proves that pretending to be someone you’re not doesn’t get you any closer to feeling seen.


Placebo Heart – Episode 4 – “Great Raba” – 24 min.

Dir. Rodney Ferrer

A man who is haunted by his past, while trying to raise a family and keep a drug and alcohol addiction at bay. His world comes crashing when his wife Wanda discovers a secret and his mob affiliated brother in-law Charlie, decides to hunt him down. Now a homeless Merrick spirals into a world of drug abuse, depression and coming to grips with his past, his identity and his survival.



FRANKIE – 11 min.

Dir. James Kautz

Frankie, a non-binary trans person, crashes their ex-partner’s men-only 12 step meeting, determined to be heard… no matter the cost.

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